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PaperFilm Studios
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PaperFilm is a singapore-based media company specialising in weddings, events, corporate, commercial and personal videos. Anything related to Visual and Audio, we are the right people to come to. Team establishment since 2007. We have changed our name to PaperFilm, which was co-founded by Marcus Charles, Relvan Salih and Ryzal Ramone on 13th November 2013. We have been active under a different name since 2007 but unfortunately we have to cease operation in 2011 to serve the nation. During the duration of serving the country, we continue with our side project called Kaleidoscope Series. It’s a Travelogue series where we share our travel experience with the viewers. It’s a non-profit project, so there’s no harm in doing that while serving the nation. So now, we’re glad to be back as PaperFilm Productions. From a favourite pastime to something we do for a living. More than 6 years doing filming and other media stuff, we constantly upgrade our equipment and editing skills. Today, we brought to you a new dimension of videography in artistic form. It’s more than just a cinematography. Hit us up for an appointment. Anytime, Anywhere… Thanks for the love!
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Mid-Range. $1.7k - $2.4k
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Telegraphic Bank Transfer
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