Dumarks Productions

Dumarks Productions
Artist, Event videographer
About us
To be a Wedding Cinematographer is an honor and a responsibility. When they choose me as their official wedding cinematographer, it's like they let me in to their hearts. At least for a day, I'll become a big part of that one memorable moment in their lives. And I take my pride in that. Going into the Wedding, I follow a simple philosophy, that is to make the bride feel comfortable and make her smile natural. I always bring the best equipment and try to be creative in my angles and in my shooting style but my focus has always been the blissful/unforgettable/extraordinary experience I give my clients. Their happy faces and smiles means the world to me and to the stories I have created over the years of being a wedding filmaker. To where I am right now is a dream. To tell stories of love is a blessing. And for all our couples who trusted me, I am thankful.
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